GDLU in the Community

The Guns Down, Life Up team can be found at numerous community events, rallies, and vigils throughout New York City and at various events and health fairs across HHC, raising awareness about violence prevention, and educating the community about safe, healthy alternatives to gun violence.  

Awareness for GDLU is raised through widespread dissemination of the popular GDLU t-shirt and hoodies with Mindset 4 Life, 18,000 of which have been distributed throughout New York City during the past three years, and through banners, flyers, and social media that deepen GDLU presence at events.

GDLU took part in Coney Island Hospital's health fair in September 2014, raising awareness about gun violence prevention in the community.
GLDU’s public health experts recently presented at the National Network of Hospital-based Violence Intervention Programs 2014 Conference in Philadelphia. The sixth annual conference presented strategies to address psychological trauma of violence in healthcare, mental health, and justice settings, and showcased the ability of hospital-based violence intervention programs to improve the well-being of patients. Leaders of the Kings Against Violence Initiative(KAVI) women’s program discussed the program’s ability to empower young women and help them find their voice to interrupt the cycle of violence.

GDLU was also front and center at several Gun Violence Awareness Month events this past June, including the announcement of the launch of The National Network to Combat Gun Violence.

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