Guns Down, Life Up (GDLU) is a call to action to break the cycle of violence and empower youth to fulfill their potential by leading safer, healthier lives. GDLU is a movement that proves violence can be prevented and interrupted.

Guns Down, Life Up Assembly
The Guns Down, Life Up ™ Assembly brings together gun violence experts, thought leaders, and community partners to discuss challenges, strategies, and best practices in gun violence prevention.  Last year’s assembly, held in June 2016, addressed tactical solutions to combat summer violence.  The 2017 GDLU Assembly is June 15, 2017 and will be “Getting to the Root” of violence disparities in our communities.


GDLU in the Community
GDLU actively participates in health fairs, peace marches, and national conferences on violence reduction. GDLU also works closely with schools across the five boroughs to deliver anti-violence messaging and foster youth empowerment. In February 2015, GDLU took part in the New York City Peace Games (presented by former NBA great Isiah Thomas, Cure Violence, and many others), held during NBA All-Star Weekend.  GO

What is GDLU?
You've seen the T-shirts, it's got New York City talking. But what is GDLU exactly? GO